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"The ultimate in Piedmontese Breeding Stock and Beef"

Come to Red Bird Farm, located in the gently rolling hills of Lapeer County; home of Michigan's first registered fullblood herd of Piedmontese Cattle--the good for you beef! Our Piedmontese cattle originated in the Piedmont section of Italy and came to the United States almost 20 years ago. We take pride that our cattle are raised in a stress-free environment and are personally tended to. We use no growth hormones or chemicals. Rotational grazing is part of our program at Red Bird Farm, so cattle may have a fresh supply of lush green pasture daily. Piedmontese beef is lower in fat and cholesterol than skinless chicken or fish. Truly, it is the good for you beef!.

Red Bird Farm will gladly help you with your breeding needs. It takes only one cross with one of our bulls to produce the healthy beef people today are looking for. We take special care in selecting only the best genetics. Our breeding stock is available for sale at all times.

Red Bird Farm is also happy to supply you with the healthy beef everyone is demanding. We sell our beef by the quarter, half or whole; naturally custom cut to your needs.


Redbird Farm:   Ron and Sandy Mroz   4475 Merwin Road,  Lapeer,  Michigan  48446  (810) 667-7389
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