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"The ultimate in Piedmontese Breeding Stock and Beef"

As America's tradition, beef is the preferred meat. Piedmontese Beef is not only lean, but tender...just what today's consumer is asking for! Health issues continue to be uppermost in people's minds...
PEIDMONTESE BEEF is Nutrient Rich, Low in Fat, Low in Calories, and Low in Cholesterol.

The American Heart Association recommends 300mg of dietary cholesterol per day. One serving (3.5oz) of F1 Piedmontese Beef amounts to less than 21% of this daily allowance.

Beef is a valuable source of dietary iron, zinc and protein. Being lower in fat means being lower in calories. USDA tests confirm that Piedmontese F1 Beef is genetically lower in fat than other breeds.

Meat Type Cholesterol per 3.5oz serving
Antelope 124.8mg
Venison 110.8mg
Lamb 91.0mg
Pork 89.8mg
Chicken 88.7mg
Duck 88.7mg
Bison 81.7mg
Turkey 75.8mg
Conventional Beef 85.2mg
Crossbred Piedmontese Beef (F1) 62.0mg
Crossbred Piedmontese Beef (F2) 38.6mg
Crossbred Piedmontese Beef (purebred) 32.1mg
(source: M.K.Bielamonwicz;Texas A&MUniv. *Silliker Labs., Texas)

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